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Our Policy on your Privacy

Our privacy policy relates to the use of this website Worldwide Pet Supplies

Your privacy will always be respected for this reason we will under no circumstances sell,share, or divulge personal information to any person, affiliate, business or third party who does not provide a fulfillment process in the delivery of products unless required by law, regulation or relevant goverment authority. 

The use of cookies allows us to collect statistical data on our website and to promote and advertise relevant information to customers searching for products we supply over the internet. Individuals can not be identified with this information.

Information collected can include:

Number of visitors to our site - pages viewd -  number of visitors on site etc

Only authorised business employees or direct suppliers have access to personal information which is required to fulfill orders or requests made by our customers any breach of confidentiality will not be tolerated.

Worldwide Pet Supplies does engage in Banner advertising on third party website who use cookies which can capture recent searches, site visits, and site engagement as well as display relevant advertising to consumers as they surf and search the web. 

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We also use cookies for security and website integrity.

We use cookies to help keep our website safe and secure by enabling security features that helps us to detect activity that may violate your account or privacy by assisting to prevent your account from being accessed by anyone other than yourself or identifies multiple access from the same computer.
Your Information
Your information is the information that you provide when you set up your account in our website as well as any additional information you choose to share with us. When creating an account you are required to provide information like address (delivery) contact details and email address name and telephone numbers in order for us to ensure we can provide delivery of product and exceptional customer service.
How we use the information we recieve from you
Information provided is used in connection with the services and features eg newsletters, offers and promotions you agree to. Deactivating your account does not mean that we no longer have your details as you may want to reactivate your account in the future. Deleting your account means all your personal information is removed this only occurs after you delete your account online.
Also see our terms and conditions page.